Some amazing tips for unpacking after you move.

Some amazing tips for unpacking after you move.

So are you planning to move? Even if you hire any professional Moving & Storage company for your move, it’s still a long process. Once you’re done with moving, the worst part is still left that’s unpacking. We know that you can’t wait to relax and enjoy in your new home but it’s not possible until you unpack all your belongings and place at their new locations.

To save your time, do make a post-moving plan before unpacking your belongings. It seems like it will be a single thing to do but when you start unpacking, a lot of things come together. Planning before unpacking will make it more productive. Here are some of the amazing tips that you should keep in mind for unpacking after you move.

Mindful packing leads to easier unpacking
Imagine that you have placed all of your belongings without labeling the boxes. Sounds like a nightmare? You will not even know which items are present inside the boxes, and to which room they belong until you open all of them. If you’re doing the packing yourself, here’s some additional advice for you:

  • Try to pack the items of a single room or space into the same box and label it. It will make the unpacking easier for you.
  • Do the packing that works for you and label every box with a name or color, so you can easily place that box into the place from where the items in the box belong i.e. if the packed items in the box belong to your kitchen, label the box as ‘kitchen items’. So when you will start unpacking, you will easily take that box to the kitchen. It saves the time and makes the unpacking easier.
  • Don’t forget to make a master list of each box i.e. the items it contains, the space where it is placed on moving day and keep it at a safe place. Print a copy of the list, and save a digital copy as well for easy access. You can also save the file in your cloud storage.
  • Pack a separate box of essentials for each family member. This will help you to get through the starting days in your new home.

Set your unpacking goals realistically
Having the list of boxes in your hand, you can easily start the unpacking process. But you might not be ready to do all of the unpacking at once because of the tiredness of a long moving process. Or maybe your new home/apartment needs a deep cleaning first, and the thought of cleaning, unpacking and organizing after the moving process makes you feel tired and exhausted. Our advice is to help you to make the unpacking process easier for you and for this, your little time is required.

Always start unpacking with the boxes of your essentials and after that, set up your bedding. Then arrange and plug in your TV, fix the shower curtain and get ready to make your first meal. After this, you can start setting up the large pieces of furniture. You can also work room by room or by deciding what’s more important to unpack for now and what you can leave for later. Remember: Rome wasn’t built in a single day, and it wasn’t even unpacked in a day. Be patient and give your unpacking process some sufficient time.

Save your time and hire the professional movers
You are completely worry-less once you hire the professional movers as their experts in both packing and unpacking. They can do everything perfectly, starting from creating the detailed boxes list, placing boxes into the right places upon arrival, reassembling of furniture and bedding, and the careful unpacking of moving boxes. Contact Alpha Moving & Storage to discuss your move with us. You can also ask for a free estimate on packing, moving, and storage services. Your house will feel like home before you know it by hiring the professional movers.