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Moving your residence or business is really a big deal and we understand this. Whether you’re planning to move your furniture or an entire home, Alpha Moving & Storage is the moving company that is here to assist you. Moving can be a big headache for you to carry out. Let us get you back to your new place within no time. Time is money! So, we better understand the importance of budgets and deadlines.

Alpha Moving & Storage specializes in residential Packing, Loading/Unloading and Storage services of all sizes. As an expert mover, we can move your belongings all around the United States. We have the expertise to assist our clients with every part of the moving process to make it more manageable and stress-free.

Our highly-trained movers and professional drivers are dedicated to making your moving experience, a positive one! We are proudly serving our customers since 2018 and will continue to do so in future.

What We Can
Offer You

Long Distance Moving Company

We understand that a long-distance relocation can be stress-full and you might feel overwhelmed with the thoughts of how it will be done. Lighten your load by seeking help from the most trusted long distance movers! Since 2018, Alpha Moving & Storage has been helping people to meet all of their moving and storage needs. We’ve built a great reputation as the United States premier moving company by providing exceptional services to the clients. We always go an extra mile

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Packing Services

Packing requires time and energy. Some people prefer to pack their belongings on their own, while others leave it to the pros and focus on other aspects of the move. In this spectrum, no matter where do you fit in, Alpha Moving & Storage is here to support you!

When we pack and move your belongings, we take great care and ensure that every item arrives unscathed and in good condition. Even if you choose to pack

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Corporate Relocation Services

Alpha Moving & Storage is a major United States corporate movers, helping large corporations in meeting their relocation needs for many years. Our experience in the corporate relocation industry gives us the expertise to provide you with a pre-plan specific to you and your relocation needs. We strive to lessen the downtime your employees face and make sure to get them relocated to work as soon as possible. We are offering professional, orderly, and seamless relocation/moving services

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Our Mission

When you hire a company to meet your moving/storage needs, you want to be assured that the company you’ve chosen for the move has the right expertise and skills on which you can trust. However, these are your household belongings – and you just can’t trust everyone about them! Fortunately, that’s where Alpha Moving & Storage comes in. Our mission since the beginning is to provide the best possible services to our clients. Integrity, honesty, and reliability lie in our core values. We live by our core values and strive to provide the same qualities to our clients.

Professional Care

We take all of your moving/storage needs into our hands and care for your move like we would want someone to care for ours. No anomalies!

Cost Effective Services

We are committed to providing cost-effective services to our clients that enhance their value. Contact us today for a free quote to see how much it would cost to move your home.


Our core value lies in the reliability of our team. Our expert, licensed, and insured moving professionals provide reliability for you and your move.


We work as efficiently as possible and this is what makes the moves streamline, safe and issue-free.


It’s been long since we are serving as a premier moving company in the United States. Our mission has remained the same from the start. We make sure to provide the efficient and unparalleled service for each local or long distance move. Alpha Moving & Storage always go an extra mile to provide the best customer satisfaction. As a licensed and insured mover, we have over hundreds of local agents to help you carry out a move, it couldn’t be simpler! You can call us directly or fill out an online form to request a free appointment, no-obligation estimate.

  • Local & Long-distance Movers
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Professional and Efficient Service
  • Reliable and Trusted Movers

Let Alpha Moving & Storage assist you in your next move!

With us, your every move can be personalized to fit your moving/storage needs, timeline, and budget.

Expert Movers

Moving can be stressful but there’s no way to avoid it. But, choosing the right moving company can do a lot. In short, do you need movers that provide you with a safe, hassle-free experience and an experienced crew? If yes, then you need Alpha Moving & Storage for your next move! After spending years in the moving industry with professionalism, we are one of the largest van line company that covers over 95% of the United States.

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Convenient and Cost-effective Service

This is why Alpha Moving & Storage is different from other movers. We provide you with the right resources and attention that is needed for every aspect of your move. We always dispatch an experienced driver and crew who makes your move convenient. If still, something goes wrong, we’ll make it right. We also help our customers in customization for providing them with a cost-effective moving service.

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100 % Secure Move

Whether you need a local or long-distance move, Alpha Moving & Storage will keep your belongings safe with 100% guarantee. We pay special attention to detail while packing and unpacking your belongings, and make sure that everything arrives perfectly to your new home. We also have a special service for storing your items in our safe and climate-controlled facility. When you work with us,

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Are you looking for the moving company?


Finding the right moving company can be challenging. But luckily, you have found us! Alpha Moving & Storage is known to be the nation’s top moving company for the service, convenience, and satisfaction they provide to their customers. If you’re not sure how to start your moving process, or if you need a team of experienced movers to help you, contact Alpha Moving & Storage today.

Our friend Mover Bob can offer free quotes instantly and are happy to answer any questions you might have.


Beyond everything, Alpha Moving & Storage is the only moving company in the United States that is solely dedicated to the happiness and satisfaction of its customers. If you have any queries related to your move or if you want to have an estimate, we’re here to help you with all of them. Even if you need something, we’re here to provide it. To provide you with the best moving experience, we’ll do anything and let you enjoy a straightforward and streamlined move, every single time.

Find Renowned Movers

In today’s world where everything is competitive and the moving industry is cluttered with thousands of movers, it has become very complex to find the leading moving companies. Finding the renowned moves is very important if you’re planning to move. Many of the moving companies are not even licensed and operate only during high season. Fortunately, Alpha Moving & Storage is a renowned local, and long-distance moving and relocation company that operates throughout the year. As being the licensed and insured moving company, we provide the best services nationwide, both during high and low seasons.

Competitive Pricing

You may find a good and experienced moving company but you might not afford its service pricing. Most of the moving/storage companies offer free quotes, so make sure to shop around for them before you settle on any company. To get an accurate quote estimate, make sure to note down the details (like how many of your belongings you have to move and how far your destination is) before you make a call. Although, Alpha Moving & Storage provides the right service with the competitive pricing.

Experienced Movers

Another thing which you need to consider before working with any moving/storage company is to look at the company’s experience. Find the right and experienced movers for your move is very important. There is no surety of your belonging’s safety when you hire any non-experienced moving company. Alpha Moving & Storage, for example, has a team behind that is working in the moving & storage industry for more than 20 years. Looking forward to helping you in your next move!

Genial Moving Team

The moving company you choose for your move should have a genial crew/team. They must be easily approachable and to communicate with. After all, you have to spend a great time with your moving team! They should be as you are, simple! Make sure to avoid movers who seem rude, or also avoid the ones who don’t exhibit the level of professionalism. If you have found the team’s first impression to be bad while interviewing, remember that it will continue throughout your dealings with them. So, always take right a decision.

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